“The time of Hastening the Lord’s work is now.” – Elder Russell M. Nelson

Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 5, 2016 - Glad Christmas Tidings

Hello family and friends,

Well, it's now officially December, and I guess that means it's time to bundle up and get nice and close to the fireplace and tell Christmas stories of yesteryear. But I am a Hipster I guess and did exactly zero of those things. ;)

On Monday, this week we played soccer in the church cultural hall and it got pretty intense, haha! But in accordance with white handbook policy we didn't keep score, but somehow we still lost... But then at the close of P-day we fulfilled some of our Zone Leader Duties and that was "Loads of Fun"...?

On Tuesday, we went to 2 District Trainings and they were both pretty Boss! Elder Pineda took us through "The Plan of Your Mission" which is like the Plan of Salvation, but about our missions. It was awesome! Then I went on Exchange with Elder Pineda and we had a grand ol' time knocking the streets of Lehigh Acres. We knocked into this white lady and she kindly let us know that she was saved but she referred us to 2 Haitians, so we went and saw them and got return appointments with them!

On Wednesday, we went and taught a bible referral named France Pierre and her 2 kids and they are the most adorable family ever! Then we had dinner with the Lowman Family and went on Splits with the High Priests.

On Thursday, we had a pretty terrible day, haha. We helped the English and Spanish Elders move apartments and they had a lot of stuff! Then we had an apartment inspection to make sure that the place was spotless and of course it was! After that we drove to Naples and slept on the floor in the Elder's apartment there so we wouldn't have to go so far to get to Ft. Laud for Mission Leadership Council. 

On Friday, we spent the majority of the day at MLC which was good but long, we spent way too long in the car...

Then on Saturday, we were flying around trying to do a week's worth of missionary work in one day and it didn't work... but we did solidfy the Lawson's for church, I don't remember if I told you all but the Lawson's aren't married...  so we had them talk to the Obispo (Bishop) on Sunday and they are planning on getting married in January, which is good, but a looooooong way away, that's like a whole transfer... Anyway that was my week, and it just flew by! 

For my spiritual thought this week, I invite each of you to go to this website https://www.mormon.org/ and watch the "Light the World" video and commit to do the 25 day challenge, or at least the last 20 days of it!

I hope that your halls are all getting decked and there is plenty of holly and mistletoe to go around! And let's all remember the purpose of Christmas!

--Dios bendiga 
Elder Hansen
Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission

Haitian-ing the Work

A going home funeral for Sister Jones
I love that they're all wearing black ties!

Some comic style folders from the the AP's
The first one is of Elder "Narc" Smith dreaming of hunting for 100 baptisms.
The second is of Elder Ariotti with a gangster "23 baptisms" gold chain on
and Matthew in his bee suit! Too funny!

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