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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 9, 2016 - The Bitter, Bitter Cold of... Florida?

Hello my Frozen Associates in the Land of Idaho!

Well, let me tell you how cold it has been here. It's been a struggle for sure! But I will go back to the beginning of the week. So last P-day we had a Super Dope Zone activity that Elder Christensen and I organized. We played Beach Volley (not at the beach) and Soccer! it was pretty cool, so cool that the AP(e)'s came to crash the party... haha, but they are cool too so it's okay.

Then on Wednesday, I went on exchange with Elder Culross, who, coincidentally, served in the Boise Idaho mission for 2 transfers while he was waiting for a visa to go to Portugal, where he served for a week before messing up his knee and going home. But now he is here and I went on exchange with him. It was a weird exchange, he got a taste of the Zone Leader life. We saw our investigators for 15 minutes and spent the rest of the night driving around, eating with a member and helping one of the senior missionaries... but it was cool.

That night there was a sister that was having a problem and decided to call at 10:27. So I was on the phone with several different people for the next hour including President Richardson.... so that was exciting.

Then on Thursday, we had a pretty good day, we taught that member referral family again and did some other cool stuff, gave some blessings, taught an Member Present Lesson, etc.

On Friday, we had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) and that was great, it was like a mission reunion for my group of missionaries that came in together. I got to see Elder Petry of course which is always a pleasure. They gave us the training that we will use for our Zone Training tomorrow so hopefully it is good. Most likely there will be less "fireworks" than the last one but still exciting!

That night we picked up our investigator Jeff who is thirteen and is the most elect kid I have ever seen! He loves reading the Book of Mormon and can't wait to get 'tized.

On Saturday we spent the whole day prepping Zone Training sooooo.... super boring, haha!

Now for Sunday, (this is the cold part) It has been pretty chilly all week, like the high 60's, but we had a stake meeting at 6:25 and we went outside and I thought I was in Kansas. I told Elder Christensen, "We ain't in Florida anymore" It was so cold that we had to use the heat in our car to warm ourselves! Everyone was wearing coats and sweaters! It was a disaster! We check the temperature and it was 50 degrees!!!! FIFTY!!! Brrrrr... the good news is that it warmed up!

Also we had miracles at church! We had 4 investigators at Sacrament meeting! Our gators Jeff and Sylvan came and also a part member family that we hadn't met before came! Her name is Natasha and she brought her son!

Okay, for my last thought I want to share a picture with you all, if we do this we will always be happier!

--Enjoy the Snow! 
Elder Hansen
Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission
Haitian-ing the Work

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