“The time of Hastening the Lord’s work is now.” – Elder Russell M. Nelson

Friday, February 3, 2017

January 23, 2017 - Another Week in Paradise

Hello Friends and Family,

So, this week was transfer week, but since my companion and I are staying, we didn't go. Sooo that was lame since we didn't get to see anyone at transfers, but we did some planning instead. On Thursday, we had 3 District Trainings in a row so that was really, really long... but afterwards I went on exchange with Elder Rackham from the MTC! He is now a District Leader in the Zone, we had a fun time together!! Then the next day we went to Five Guys to exchange back and it did not disappoint. :) Then that day we went and knocked some doors because we had no other appointments. On Saturday, we went and taught Sylvan and threw down some major expectations. Imagine this is Creole,

Sylvan, "What do I have to study to get baptized?" 
Us, "Bro, we have to see you more than once a week." 
Him, "No Problem, you can see me Wednesday"
Us, "Your baptism date is for next Saturday and we have only taught you one lesson."
Him, "How many Lessons are there?"
Us, " Five, so we have to see you everyday."
Him, "No Problem, I want to be ready."
Fast-forward to Church on Sunday...
Us, "When can we come over.?"
Him, "I'll call you"
4 Hours later...
Us, "When can we come over?"
Him, "I'll call you tomorrow"... 
Our lives right now, sooooo hopefully we will see him today!
Also we had to redistribute miles and we gave away 200 miles so we will be biking soon. We also had a surprise Stake meeting Sunday morning, I no longer like surprises... On Sunday, we had 4 people at Church, Sylvan came and Natacha and Christline and Jeff came. So that was good. Sylvan still has his date for this weekend but that will depend on if we can teach him everything. Natacha wouldn't accept a date for some reason (I don't know I wasn't there, I was on exchange) and we are working with Jeff's uncle on getting him baptized.

But that is about it for my week. A pretty straight forward and short week. President keeps talking about changes coming up with the World Wide Missionary Broadcast, sooo I'll fill y'all in next week, but hopefully it's not anything big.

Anyway, for my last thought, President Benson has urged: “If we would advance in holiness—increase in favor with God nothing can take the place of prayer … Give prayer—daily prayer, secret prayer—a foremost place in your lives. Let no day pass without it. Communion with the Almighty has been a source of strength, inspiration, and enlightenment through the world's history to men and women who have shaped the destinies of individuals and nations for good.

“All through my life the counsel to depend on prayer has been prized above almost any other advice I have ever received. It has become an integral part of me, an anchor, a constant source of strength and the basis of my knowledge of things divine.

“Our Heavenly Father is always near. … Thank God we can reach out and tap that unseen power, without which no man can do his best."

Sending warm thoughts home,

-- Love
Elder Hansen
Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission
Haitian-ing the Work

Haitian Empanadas, yummy! 
They have hard-boiled eggs, onions, peppers, and sausage in them. 
They are called Pate (PAH-teh) and they are spicy!

Transfer day, saying goodbye to Elders Augustin and Burnsy.

The Districts - Ours in Boynton

Boca Rio - sporting Peach-O's

Lake Worth - with Elder Rackham as District Leader!

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