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Monday, February 29, 2016

February 22, 2016 - Straight Outta Belle Glade!

Hello Family and amigos!

This was a pretty exciting week! On Wednesday, I transferred to South Bay and it is awesome! We call it the Promised Land of Haitains! There are tons of Haitians here and I get lots of practice with my Creole. :) Our house is way bigger than my last apartment, and its our own house which is nice. We share a car but bike everywhere, we use the car to get to District Training in Wellington and to Belle Glade from South Bay.  Our area is all of South Bay, Clewiston, Pahokee and Belle Glade, but we only work in Belle Glade. Belle Glade/South Bay is nice! In the house we have Elder Scutt from the Bahamas and Elder Shreckengaust from St. George. My Comp is Elder Prince from Logan, Utah and we get along great! We have tons of fun together. In Belle Glade we have a Branch and it's actually pretty small, there were less than 50 people there on Sunday. It's a different experience being in a branch that is for sure. Here in Belle Glade we find tons of change on the ground, which is cool. We collect it and put it in a jar at the house. When we were biking home Saturday night, I got chased by a German Shepard, so that was a little frightening. We see alligators every day in the canals around Belle glade, they are pretty big but not huge. ;) I sent a picture of one of our dinner appointments... it was very fishy. We eat tons of stuff that I don't know what it is and everything has beans in it. ;) Other than that we have continued to try to progress the work here in South Bay Creole, knocking lots of doors. We didn't teach a lot this week but hopefully we will be able to teach and find more this coming week.

My last thought comes from the member of the High Council who spoke in our Branch, "The scriptures are like a parachute, if you never open them they'll never save you!" This is true! Just having the Book of Mormon isn't going to help us progress! As we read each day we increase our spiritual strength and increase our ability to withstand temptation!

I hope you all have a great week and love you all!
Elder Hansen
Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission
Haitian-ing the Work

He's in Gator country now. He said they see them everyday... yikes!

Matthew sent this photo to us last week with the title Manje Pwason, which means "eat fish."
I asked him this week if he really had to eat this and he confirmed that once it was cooked they did eat it!  He said, "it was fishy." It was also served with beans which he despised before he left for his mission.  Now, it looks like beans are a favorite addition, especially when he's not sure what he's eating.

Their favorite new member and newest Ward Missionary, Jacques. :)

Here is the new crew; Elder Scutt, Elder Prince, Elder Hansen, and Elder Shreckengaust.
The three blind mice and Shrek?

The "cool" people in the Hollywood Ward

The new place in South Bay.  It looks like he got his flags in the mail.  
The lights are a nice touch. 

From Hollywood to South Bay/Belle Glade

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