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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 13, 2016 - Haitian Conference! And Miracles

Hello Everybody! 

This week was super awesome and I'll give y'all the highlights! On Tuesday, we had a Zone Conference where we learned about how we can use the "Gold Mine" (Part Members, Less Actives, Recent Converts, etc.) to find new investigators!

This week we saw several Miracles! First off, we have continued teaching our investigators Adline and her family and we invited them to the Haitian conference on Saturday. The time arrived where all the Haitians from the ward were supposed to be at the chapel to take the bus to the conference and the ONLY Haitians that showed up on time were Adline and her family! They had a wonderful time at the conference and should be getting baptized on the 18th of June! Also we applied Zone Training and received a referral from our recent converts Romain and Brigette and we set up an appointment to see them on Tuesday, but as we were knocking right after that we knocked into the referral! We are now teaching Marjorie and her two kids Sierra and Malik! 

Elder Celestin and I are doing well and are just trying to continue to "fine tune" our missionary work. I studied a lot about conversion this week because I was asked to give a talk on conversion in Sacrament meeting, I thought this quote from President Nelson was interesting, "Nothing is more crucial to your Eternal Life than your conversion" (Oct. 2015) This week we were able to teach and find lots of people and I am loving the work right now. Adline should be getting baptized this weekend and we are super pumped for that!

So more about the Haitian conference held in Fort Lauderdale where all the Haitians in South Florida were invited to come to a devotional and to hear talks and lessons all in Creole! There, I was able to be reunited with Jacques and all of my former companions! It was super awesome! I loved it!

My last thought from Elder Bednar, "Testimony is what you know to be true by the witness of the Holy Ghost. As you study the scriptures, as you pray, as you do the very things you will invite your investigators to do, then by the power of the Holy Ghost, you come to know, in your mind and in your heart, that these things are true. That is a testimony. But a testimony will never be enough....The two key elements are: knowledge of the Lord, and conversion unto the Lord; Testimony deepening into conversion to Him. First, knowing He is the Son of God, and then consistently living in such a way that the Son of God is reflected in who we are and what we do. Testimony is what we know to be true by the witness of the Spirit, conversion is consistently being true to what we know, and it takes both." (Character of Christ, 2011)

You guys are the best and I hope you continue to enjoy your summers!

-- Pote ou byen! (Be well?)
Elder Hansen
Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission
Haitian-ing the Work

All of his companions - Celestin, Oldroyd, Becker, Matthew, Murat, Petry and Prince

All of the "Haitian-aries" in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission

Matthew with some cute boys at church.  I think these are Aldine's boys :)
Sweet Sister Rodriguez in the ward sent us this picture and told us how great he is!

The Haitian Conference

Reunited with Elder Murat, the lady Jacques baptized, and Jacques

They Baptized Jacques in December and he is a ward missionary now.

Some yummy looking Haitian food at the conference

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