“The time of Hastening the Lord’s work is now.” – Elder Russell M. Nelson

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 1, 2017 - "What have you against being baptized?"

We asked Cynthia, "what have you against being baptized?" She said, "nothing!"

This was a great week! We were able to baptize Cynthia and it was great! We were able to get her prepared and interviewed and everything went smoothly!

Also this week I went on exchange into an all bike area so that was exciting. I almost got sunburned but just ended up with a nice missionary tan!

The work is going well here in the FFLM and for this month we were able to get 77 baptisms of our goal of 100 so that was exciting, we have some good plans for next month so that should be exciting.

Also we had zone conference and found out that they have done away with Zone Trainings worldwide so that makes my job easier, haha!

My last thought comes from Paul H. Dunn, "I remember a great phrase I learned from my father some years ago. He said, 'It matters not if you try and fail and try and fail again. It matters much if you try and fail and fail to try again.'"

I pray that we will always get up and not fail to try again!

-- Love
Elder Hansen
Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission
Haitian-ing the Work

Elder Foster, Webster, Cynthia and Elder Hansen at Cynthia's Baptism

We received this surprise picture text from the Wheeler's (in our old stake)
who were in Florida visiting their friends the Richardsons! 
They just happen to meet Elder Hansen from their hometown!

The Fort Laud Zone

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