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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 15, 2015 - I'm in Cougarville... and I'm sick :(

Alo tout moun, (Hello Everyone)

So for starters, I'm in the middle of Cougarville... Come on Boise State!  I was the only Bronco fan in branch council meeting.....  Any way..... so this week was less fun than the first week, okay maybe not less fun but just different.  I woke up sick on Friday and I'm still getting over it. Not fun at all....

Our lessons this week just weren't going well at all until yesterday when they taught us how to actually teach! Shocking I know. We now have 2 teachers Fre (Brother) Chandler and Fre Anderson they were companions in Ft. Lauderdale on their missions.  Also this week, Elder Murdock and Elder Sovereign, Tahiti elders in our zone, broke into our rez (residence) and stole all of Elder Rackham's ties.  So we devised an elaborate scheme to break into their rez using an envelope, floss, a vacuum cleaner and a hanger. It was pretty legit. We stole back Dax's ties and then took their ties and hung Elder Sovereign's Toothless stuffed animal his girlfriend gave him with the floss.  It was pretty funny. It all ended there though which was good and we are all friends.

We are all still progressing well in the language and teaching skills. There isn't really a whole lot more to tell you because everyday is the same.

If you have any questions let me know because then that gives me something to tell you :)
It's so good to hear from y'all (BTW I'm getting pretty swole from all the push ups I have to do)
Anyway, one last note my district thinks that I look like George W. Bush, and they think it's awesome when I quote movies.  Line of the week is, "She likes me for my body" - Tow Mater, Cars  
And on that bombshell it's time to end.

-- Orevwa ak N' a We tout zanmi'm  (Goodbye and see you all my friends)
Elder Hansen

Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission

My district thinks I look like George Bush?  Strategery, heh-heh!

The Map picture - Fort Lauderdale, here we come!

Elders Petry & Rackham are going there too. 

Elder Hansen in the rain.

Umm, breaking the rules?

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