“The time of Hastening the Lord’s work is now.” – Elder Russell M. Nelson

Monday, July 3, 2017

June 12, 2017 - "...the Lord shall send thunder and rain..."

Hey y'all,

This was a pretty good week! We have had so much rain it has been unbelievable! There was lots of flooding all over south Florida. We almost gathered up all the animals into an Ark, but fortunately, the rain stopped and sun came out. We were able to see some cool miracles. Right before District Training on Tuesday, we went out and knocked for the 15 minutes that we had despite the pouring rain. We only knocked 4 doors but we found Patricia who loved the prayer and ended up coming to church! The Ft. Laud English Sister's are teaching her and she is excited about the restored gospel! Also, we were sitting in our second sacrament meeting on Sunday in the Sunrise Branch and we had no one committed to church, but miraculously, Chumly showed up! A Haitian guy that we met 2 weeks ago on a district knocking blitz in the Sunrise Sister's area! In addition to Chumly, Jacky came to church and he loved it! He was the one that went to church many times back in the Dominican Republic! In other news for the week, half of our ward is moving in the next three weeks so that will be an adventure! I also went on exchange with the Zone Leaders so that was a fun reversal of roles! Other than that it was a pretty normal week. We have been knocking doors, talking to Haitians and getting soaked in the rain!

My last thought, "From the newest ordained deacon to the most senior high priest, we all have lists of what we could and should do in our priesthood responsibilities. The what is important in our work, and we need to attend to it. But it is in the why of priesthood service that we discover the fire, passion, and power of the priesthood. The what of priesthood service teaches us what to do. The why inspires our souls. The what informs, but the why transforms."

All of us know more or less, what we should do, and for the most part we do it, but it is so eternally important to ask ourselves why? Why do I go to church? Why do I pay tithing? Why do I do home teaching? The list is endless. If we don't know why we are doing something, then that means we aren't doing it for the right reason. I invite all of you to ask yourselves why you do what you do. I promise that the Spirit will inspire you and help you transform your life!

-- Love
Elder Hansen
Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission
Haitian-ing the Work

Just a glimpse of the rain

Elder Widney, my Zone Leader

"White people food"

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