“The time of Hastening the Lord’s work is now.” – Elder Russell M. Nelson

Friday, August 12, 2016

July 11, 2016 - I am Tired... Like Really Tired!

Hello everyone,

To sum up this week in three words I would have to choose...Tired, for sure... then Work... and also HOT!!! In case anyone was wondering, Florida is the most southern state in the united states. It is in the Gulf of Mexico, it is a popular tourist destination, AND IT IS VERY HOT! So the next time you are on Jeopardy you guys can know a little more about Florida from someone that has seen the Secret Combinations that go on here.

Anyway, How are you? Here I am doing all of the talking. Why am I tired you ask? Because I am a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are all tired! I am beginning to more fully understand why people are so astounded when we tell them what we do. But the Work is amazing right now! This week we were able to continue to teach our investigators, I will do the individual update thing again because it's easier for me. First of all, Adline and her family need to get baptized already! They are basically members and go to all the activities and everything. Adline met with the lawyer on Saturday and sent the divorce papers to St. Martin so they should be getting divorced soon and subsequently baptized! Then Pierre and Tanya, they came to church! Anything past that I don't even know soooo yeah. Then Vivian and her kids! We have continued to teach them and they loved church! Vivian said this will be the church she goes to for the rest of her life! She loved the family atmosphere and especially the fact that it IS NOT A BUSINESS! Anyway, they have a baptismal date for the 24th of July after Church! Then Marjorie and her family, unfortunately we haven't been able to contact Marjorie but we are still talking to the kids. It's a pretty weird/stressful situation there. Finally we have Pouchon who is Romaine and brigette's nephew! We taught him and he came to church this week! He has an amazing understanding of what we are teaching him which is kind of shocking but it's all good. He also has a baptismal date for the 24th. All in all we had 10 investigators at church and taught a bunch of lessons this week! It was awesome but is definitely contributing to my level of tiredness. Anyway, we did some other cool stuff this week but it is not pertinent information.

My last thought, I would like to start with a quote from the Prophet Joseph Smith -
"The fundamental principles of our religion, are the testimony of the Apostles and Prophets, concerning Jesus Christ, that He died, was buried, and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven; and all other things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to it.”

I add my testimony to Joseph's that everything in the Gospel comes back to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Without the Atonement there would be no hope, no joy, no existence! in the words of Jacob "if there should be no atonement made all mankind must be lost." (Jacob7:12) I am grateful for the Savior's willingness to descend below all things that he may know from experience how to succor us. Even if we kept all of the commandments we could not be saved without the Atonement of Jesus Christ! As a result of the Atonement of Christ all mankind can be saved, All men will be resurrected and brought back into the presence of the Father to be judged according to our works and the desires of our hearts. Through the Atonement we can overcome the second death, spiritual death, caused by our own sins and we are able to have our garments washed clean by the blood of the Lamb of God. Not only are we cleansed from sin but through Christ's Atonement we can be strengthened in order to bear with ease the afflictions and trials that we are going through. There is only one name under heaven by which we can be saved and that name is Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God! We owe everything we have and everything we are to Jesus Christ and through his gospel we are enabled to attain all that the Father hath and to be joint heirs with Christ! Preach my Gospel states, "As we rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, He can help us endure our trials, sicknesses, and pain. We can be filled with joy, peace, and consolation. All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

I testify that this is true.
I hope you all have an enjoyable week!

I forgot to mention that I went to MLC last week at President's house where all the leaders of the mission received training.  From President and Sister Richardson, "We are so lucky to have you all here, serving in this Wonderful Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission, and "Leading" the way...!"

-- Kwe nan Bondye, ekè li vivan!
-- (Believers, notably alive? or Those who believe shall live)
Elder Hansen
Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission
Haitian-ing the Work

"I am tired, like really tired!"

Mission Leadership Conference at the Mission Home. 

Elder Hansen is the 5th from the right. He's a new District Leader.

The new responsibilities are wearing on him.

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